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Cahore, Co. Wexford

Cahore is a fishing village just below Ballygarrett. Dominated by the pier, this village has always been popular with fishermen and tourists. An extension of ninety feet was added to the old pier between 1905 and 1908, and was used by British schooner ships to unload coal phosphates and salt. Today it remains an active fishing village with catches of herring and mackerel.

One of the finest old buildings in the area is Cahore Castle, built by the Judge George after the famine. The old coastguard station in Cahore, now a private dwelling, once employed eight men whose services were very often required.

Many ships sank off Cahore down through the years, 'The Pearl of Cork', the 'Eliza' in 1895, the 'John R. Skiddy' in 1850 and the best remembered the 'Irrawaddy' in 1895, from whose timbers the seats in the local chapel were made. Gilligan's Cave is reminiscent of the smuggling days of two hundred years ago or more.

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